MAIN GALLERY in Fairfield Arts & Convention Center


Four artists will be awarded  “Outstanding Art Awards” selected by judge Anne Klingensmith and presented at the January 3 Art Walk. Klingensmith is a well known and award winning printmaker and art professor at Iowa Wesleyan College. She has been Co-Director of the Art Gallery, in the PEO Building in Mt. Pleasant since  1987.

The Fairfield Art Association has broken with tradition in its annual 2013 Membership Exhibit. After 48 years of presenting the work of members in any format the artist submits, the FAA board decided on a “12 X 12 CANVAS EXHIBIT”.

Participating artists have created works in oil pastel, photography, digital art, watercolor, acrylic, oil, collage, and mixed media. “This has turned out to be a fun and exciting change for the FAA Membership Show. Community members will enjoy seeing all the talent and variety of entries” says Suzan Kessel, FAA Volunteer Director.

Exhibiting artists include; John Preston, Reny Parker, Diane Finwick, Holly Moore, Suzan Kessel,  Debbie Finney,  Irene Murphy, Cynthia Ballou, Paulette Buckingham, Laura Weinberg, Gin Lammert, Mark Shafer, Kathleen Tachet, Phil Hirschler, Elaine Duncan, Victoria Gautherat, Terri Drobny, Ann Porter, Care Connet, David Kraemer, Kathleen Almelien, Randall McVey, Pamela Kohl, Sasha Luse, Kemlyn Tan Bappe, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Bappe, Eileen Hawthorne, Werner Elmker, Anne Shook,  Kella J. Tschopp, Karen Harris, Barbara Grimmer, Cathyrn Layer, Doneta Moore, Carroll Mikalek,  Gabriel Dieter, Mathew Dieter, Elizabeth Bell, Steve Tiffany,  Bonnie Jaye Hendricks, Barbara Rainbow, Dori Lewman, Andrew Kishner, Diane Dallner, Catherine Aalto.

FAA members were provided a 12” by 12” canvas ahead of time, and asked to create one original entry in any media. The only requirement was to not have work extend beyond one inch in any direction, the works must be for sale and priced no more than $300.

Viewers can still vote for a “People’s Choice Award” through January 10. The favorite piece will win the artist 2 tickets to the FACC’s Tracy Lawrence show on January 18.

The Canvas Exhibit will remain on display through February.