“EMBRACING NATURE” Watercolor Exhibit


Bell has lived in Iowa City for the past 28 years, and exhibits in juried shows across the state and with the Iowa Watercolor Society.  Prior to moving to Iowa Bell lived in New Orleans, where she became interested in translucent watercolor painting and began taking classes with a professional artist. Workshops continue to be an inspiration and she finds mixing and blending of pigments on and off paper to be exciting and delights in the challenge of creating a successful work of art.  Janice Bell has developed her own style, working with rich saturated color and capturing the beauty found in nature with the play of light and shadow.

Graduating with a BFA, at Louisiana Tech University, Bell has continued to be active in the Iowa art scene. Bell has been a signature member of the Iowa Watercolor Society since 1994, and is currently their traveling show state chairman. In 2013 she won both 4th place Award of Excellence and an Honorable Mention at the IWS State Show. She belongs to Iowa Artists where she won first place at their state show last year.  Bell is also a past board member of “Arts Iowa City”.

Janice says “My watercolor paintings are inspired by my love of God’s abundant creations.  I’m captivated with the colors, textures and curiosities found there.  Hiking the woodlands of Iowa, gardening, and paddling lakes and rivers provide me with wonderful subject matter.”  She invites viewers to pause for a moment and take a closer look at all nature has to offer.  Janice considers her paintings a respite from the everyday hustle and bustle of life and hopes that viewers will feel the same.  Her message is slow down, take a deep breath and see the beauty that is all around you.

The FAA’s watercolor exhibit will remain on display at the FA&CC through May, June and July.