The Fairfield Art Association’s Studio Sales Gallery assistant, David Pattison spends a lot of time monitoring the space as his job, keeping the area open to the public Tuesday – Friday from 1-5 PM in the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. But as an artist, he has begun using some of his time for creating art. “It’s nice to have a working artist in the studio on some of the days when there are not regular classes with John Preston or Elaine Duncan. When visitors come in they can view art works in the sales gallery and experience an artist creating art in the studio.” according to Volunteer Director Suzan Kessel. “We decided it would be fun to exhibit these pieces in a pop-up studio display for this July 7 Friday Art Walk night, with a few works in the Hallway Gallery space as well.”
David has created 60 paintings, ranging in size from 6×6″ to above 16×20″, with his newest technique of using liquid acrylic paint which he pours onto canvas.
 “I am fascinated by the flow of colors. Before now, I was only able to do this with ceramic glazes in a hot kiln” says David, who has a BFA studio art degree from the University of Montana where most of his classes involved painting, sculpture and printmaking.
This new “Pouring Paint Art” is trending according recent art updates. The FAA will be offering a workshop in the near future for learning the technique, complete with canvases and all materials, for those interested we will have a signup sheet in the FAA Studio Gallery.