The Fairfield Art Associations current AmericInn Exhibit is by

Debbie Finney

Debbies paintings now being exhibited at the AmericInn
were inspired by the beauty of nature that she sees around her in Iowa.

The pastel work entitled “Just Hatched” is based on photos Finney took of a chick hatching  the Iowa State Fair.  Another pastel work on display now is entitled “Bird At Rest” and shows a young bird on a branch with eyes shut.

Finney teaches elementary art for the Fairfield Community Schools at Pence and Libertyville Schools. She and her husband, Jon, live in rural Keosauqua and are parents to two adult children.


The public is invited to view exhibits anytime during business hours. Most works are also for sale. Previous shows have included Sandi Dimmitt, Kella J. Tschopp, Werner Elmker, and David Kraemer. Most exhibits depict the natural environment and community of  Fairfield,  South East Iowa,  and the Midwest.