OIL PAINTING by Carlene Dingman Atwater

MAIN GALLERY at Fairfield Arts & Convention Center

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6 – Art Walk Evening

Oil Paintings by Carlene Dingman Atwater will be on display for two months, with a reception for the artist in March.

Carlene Dingman Atwater is area artist, raised on a farm outside of West Point, Iowa.  The idea of being a professional artist had been gestating in her mind for decades, having drawn pictures of horses since she was old enough to hold a pencil.  In 1989, when she saw a Wendell Mohr watercolor she was hooked. The richness of colors and the transparency of the medium inspired Carlene to pursue watercolor.

Dingman says “I worked hard at it, but only churned out a slew of muddy paintings. I persisted; reading books and articles, studying work by accomplished artists and taking workshops from them. One of my first workshops was with Burlington artist David Garrison, in a class that her sister wanted to take “together.” She didn’t show up but I had a great time and discovered the color theory that had been missing in my amateurish paintings. It was as if a veil had been lifted!”

In 2011 Dingman started a blog, in order to join the daily painters’ movement. Her goal was to post a new, small, oil painting every day for a year. She ended up with over 200 (mostly 6×6) paintings. She discovered the discipline of daily painting improved her technique and pushed her to try new subjects.

Dingman’s hard work has paid off, developing a mastery of color and texture with oil paints, and garnering numerous awards and honors. Plein-air painting is a favorite, but she also paints from live models and still-life. Singman displays and sells her oils in many galleries and juried shows, including the Equine Artists Annual Exhibition in Louisville, Kentucky. Solo exhibits include the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, and N. Missouri Arts Council, with group exhibits at Keokuk Art Center and in Ft. Madison. Recent awards were “People’s Choice” in “Portrait of Mt. Vernon, Best of Show in Bentonsport, and 2nd place in Amana’s “Fresh Paint” exhibit. This past December she won first place at the Fort Madison Art Center’s All Member’s Show.

Recently Dingman started a weekly portrait painting session, using volunteers from regional non-profits as models. It’s an effort to give back to the community by promoting volunteerism.

In Carlene Dingman’s own words: “I believe that a passion for learning is critical; with every painting you discover something new about color, composition and design. The challenge to create the unexpected and original art fuels the imagination. I never tire of the creative process and am always excited to start working on a new project. The process of learning and evolving is empowering.”

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