The Fairfield Art Association provides its members an opportunity to sell their own artwork on its website . The artist must provide the following information, and agree to the terms of:

1. Artwork must be for sale in the FAA Sales Gallery, and artist current member of FAA.

2. Agree to listing the same items online for minimum of six months. If item sells, another item can be added.

3. Up to four items per person can be listed with commission of 30% to FAA on sales.

4. Photos of work will be taken by FAA unless provided by the artist. Imprints used for copy protection.

5. Size and weight will be limited due to shipping. General guideline under 25 pounds, and 30” X 28”. Exceptions made individually by the piece.

6. FAA will handle shipping, unless artist volunteers to do so. Shipping & packaging costs will be added to the sale price, to be determined in each transaction.

7. Media acceptable under these categories: All kinds of Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Pottery, Prints, Fairfield Theme, Fiber, Sculpture, Cards, Jewelry, Nature, Craft, Wearable, Houseware.


Download the following form


to fill out, print, and mail to:

Website Sales
Fairfield Art Association
200 North Main Street
Fairfield, IA 52556