S…..I….L….E….N….T    AUCTION     Continues @ FACC


The FAA’s 8th annual downtown summer art installation “Imaginative Little Libraries” remains on display! The public has VOTED for THEIR FAVORITE and the winner is “Linda’s Book Barn” created by Jayme Wilson, in memory of Eric Keonecke. CONGRATULATIONS!


The silent auction to purchase the libraries continues with bid sheets at the FACC. Bidding has been extended until the October Art Walk, through the labor day weekend FAIRfest event .

 check out the video created by Werner Elmker, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADKcoB5k67E&feature=share


14 original libraries were created by individuals or groups and after the auction can be taken home to use and even registered with the “Little Free Library” organization.


Proceeds are split between the FAA and the creators, with the FAA’s portion benefiting the Gobble sculpture project.



Summer 2016 Downtown Art InstallationThe Book Barn

“The Book Barn”   Jim & Carlene Dingman Atwater


Project Guidelines for Artists/Participants

The “Little Free Library” movement began in Wisconsin in 2009, and gained momentum quickly.
Little free libraries sprung up all over the world—outside cafes, in parks, beside full-sized libraries and
bookstores and even in people’s front yards. They have books inside for anyone to borrow, with signs inviting users to donate books. By January 2015, the number of mini libraries registered with the
Little Free Library organization had grown to 22,000.
Fairfield Art Association’s 2016 summer art installation – “IMAGINATIVE LITTLE LIBRARIES” will be created by artists & fine craftsman, and placed in up to 23 different downtown garden nodes for public viewing & enjoyment. The project will enhance Fairfield tourism and promote local artists/craftsmen. The project will be featured on the FAA’s Website with photos & text. This Exhibit will open for the June 3 Art Walk and remain on display through the summer. A Silent Auction of the LIBRARIES will begin at the August Art Walk and conclude at the September Art Walk. Proceeds will be divided between the participant and the FAA. Libraries will remain in active until purchased & then can be used & registered with the “Little Free Library” organization if desired



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The FHS Woodworking class under direction of Rob Mitchell has completed 3 of our 8 Pre-built Imaginative Little Libraries - they look wonderful! There will be 4 small smaller ones also. We have 3 spoken for of the 8. So if other artists are interested they need to contact suzan1252@aol.com A BIG THANK YOU TO ROB MITCHELL AND HIS STUDENTS!!!!!!Artists were selected to decorate and embellish.

16 individuals or groups took the challenge of participating in the project, half of them have constructed the complete library, while the other half used pre- built structures in two designs that FHS students made for the FAA. Participants creating their own include:



                                            “Jefferson County Health Center”

                                       JCHC Staff of Mike Thornton, Ron Bradfield, Kierston Pacha and Kevin Heisel

Linda's Book Barn



“Linda’s Book Barn”

Jayme Wilson for Linda Stallone in memory of Eric Keonecke





Bibliotheque Blanche


“Bibliotheque Blanche”

HDLB Architecture & Design by Holly Butler

AIA, John Pappas & Jens Butler.







Lou & Joy Bolster and Chuck & Terri Drobny.



Books Give us Color



Bob & Jan Bork

“Books Give us Color”





The Lighthouse

Scott Timm “The Lighthouse”






 Elaine Duncan and her students Vicki Gautherat & Joyce Schlindler,

FHS Art Students Natalie Jones & Kiera Nelson & Maddie Smith



Library Bank



Iowa State Bank “The Bank Library”

Steve & Tami Kraemer, Dena Morrissey,

Becky Hanna, Maddy Hanna,

Susan Booth, and Sue Buch,







Flowery Words - Wisdom from the Garden



“Flowery Words – Wisdom from the Garden”

Fairfield Beautification Commission

Aleta Mottet, Karin Hauring, Nancy Horras & Suzan Kessel,









Rose Cottage



“Rose Cottage”

Megan & Corwin Robinson, Sallie Morgan









Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be



“Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be”

Tena & Andrew Edlin, and family Megan Robinson assisted by Sallie Morgan & Corwin Robinson









Fairy Tale Cottage


Autumn Rozario Hall

“Fairy Tale Cottage”  click on this link to view the artist inspiration







Libraries - Something for Everyone


Kathy Tollenaere

“Libraries – Something for Everyone”





PHOTOGRAPHS DURING CONSTRUCTION or after finished can be emailed to suzan1252@aol.com for our website or special promotional stories. Please share with us.
Direct questions to Suzan Kessel suzan1252@aol.com or Kella Tschopp kella@kellaj.com