The Fairfield Art Association is honored to present a selection of art works recently given by Gene Copeland from his private collection that are now part of the FAA’s permanent collection.

The exhibit is in the Main Gallery at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center until August 3rd.

Copeland collected a variety of art from around the world in his travels over the years. Included in the exhibit will be works from Australia, Mongolia, India, and across the U.S. There are drawings, oil painting, Michael Graves architect print of furniture design, watercolor, mixed media art and many lithographs. His appreciation of art lead to his involvement in helping bring the “Tamarind Institute”  to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 1970. Tamarind was founded in the absence of an American print shop dedicated to serving artists, and during a period when American artists tended to reject lithography. Its goals were to create a pool of master artisan-printers in the United States by training apprentices and develop a group of American artists of diverse styles into masters of this medium. It began a collaboration between artists in the work situation to experiment widely and extend the expressive potential of the medium. The institute stimulated new markets for the lithograph and restored the prestige of lithography. Through this effort a collection of extraordinary prints was actually created. Artists from the Tamarind Institute in this FAA exhibit include: Emerson Woelffer, Nicholas Krushenick, and Clinton Adams.

“Peasant Dance” a hand colored lithograph by Virginia Dan, is one of the many artworks collected by Gene Copeland and recently given to the FAA for it’s permanent collection.


 “Villagers Working in Rice Fields”, watercolor by India artist.


“Houses in Mesa Winter” 5 color lithograph print by Andrew Dasburg