Sunday, June 23    2-4 PM   204 Iowa Avenue

No tickets or fees – just come enjoy and wish Dorothy the best. In case of “pouring down rain” the event will take place the following Sunday, June 30, same time.

The Fairfield Art Association will be hosting a “Dorothy Bell Farewell Garden Tour” in her garden. Summertime refreshments will be served and Dorothy will be on hand to say hello. She hopes friends and fellow gardeners will stop by to enjoy and help bid her garden a fond farewell.
Everyone knows about Dorothy Bell’s beautiful springtime tulips gracing the berm on Fillmore Street, or the tropical plant among the multitude of summer flowers that magically replace the flowering bulbs. Even in winter the berm is an attractive sight with snow covered evergreen and dried berry branches for birds. However, unless you’ve personally toured the rest of Dorothy’s garden, it is a bit of a secret place you won’t want to miss.
Dorothy has shared her love of gardening with the community for years. In 1987, Dorothy Bell initiated a community garden tour for the Fairfield Art Association, and it has become a traditional event. Her own garden has been on the tour several times, along with many outstanding Fairfield gardens. Dorothy who was a founding FAA member forty seven years ago, organized the tour many of the years herself. When she finally passed the torch, the FAA decided to name the tour after her, then calling it the Dorothy Bell Garden Tour.
The D.B. Garden Tour has been a FAA staple for over 25 years now. Only once, in 2011, was it cancelled, which would have made this the 25th year. However due to 2013 weather and several unforeseen gardener’s family circumstances, the FAA decided to change the regular community event to every other year, and not have it this summer. “In a way, this works out perfect! We get to have the 25th D.B.Garden Tour where it began in the first place – Dorothy Bell’s awesome garden. We are thrilled to honor her in this way.”