6 – 8 PM

Peterson has lived in Fairfield 30 years and has a very diverse background, not in the field of art- including 25 years as a provider and administrator in emergency medical care services and systems, event production, drawing cartoon maps, producing special feature sections appearing in USA Today newspaper, building/remodeling houses and boats. “ I circled the world in a 24’ boat powered by biodiesel and hold a Captain’s License for sail, steam and power boats to 25 tons.”

The FAA is hosting the display of Bryan’s first sculpture “The Big Bike” in the Atrium at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. “This is the first metal sculpture I’ve completed. I haven’t had any formal training in the arts, welding or working with metal but the endless how-to videos on YouTube are a treasured resource”.

The bike is made entirely from scrap metal gathered from recyclers, auctions, yard sales, craigslist and friends. It weighs about 450lbs plus the 300lb metal base, and took nearly 6 months to complete. Two antique steel wheels from a horse drawn farm implement were the origin of this project.

I didn’t have a plan for how the finished bike would look – it kind of revealed itself in a piece by piece. When something struck my fancy I would cut the piece from its source, clean and shape as needed, then give it a try and see if I liked the effect.
Come meet Bryan on August 1, 6-8 PM and hear more about the materials and process he used in his creation.