“2020 in 2021, A BETTER VIEW”

The Fairfield Art Association 12th annual summer art installation

after a break for a year with Covid.


The theme has been changed from “2020” to “2020 in 2021, A BETTER VIEWreflecting a new attitude for a brighter future.5

This year the FAA w provided precut wooden pieces in the shape of eyeglasses (4 shaped designs, Cat Eye, Octagon, Rectangle and Round) thanks to Rob Mitchell at FHS and his industrial arts students.

All completed work was designed to work with our simple pole installation plans which are provided in our overall guidelines.

Subject matter was required be in good community taste.

Art work was to be safe to handle – no sharp edges or hazardous materials.

 Finished art pieces become the property of the FAA.



 Mike Pech , Rolf Erickson, Kathy Tollenaere, Josie Hannes, 0Collen Matson, Curt Swarm, Cindy Ballou, Wendy Stegall, Brett & Bonnie Hendericks, Axis Vision, FACC – Mendy & Lindsay, Pamela Landers, Freya Gilrain, JoAnn Katz, Meghann Kurth, Jewell McDonald and Suzan Kessel.

Direct questions to Suzan Kessel   suzan1252@aol.com