“2020 in 2021, A BETTER VIEW”

The Fairfield Art Association announces another attempt on its 12th annual summer art installation after a break for a year with Covid.

The theme has been changed from “2020” to “2020 in 2021, A BETTER VIEWreflecting a new attitude for a brighter future.

We are excited to offer a very fun design and engage participants eager to create again, while giving viewers something to enjoy and smile about.

The FAA invites area artists, fine craftsman, or creative groups or businesses to participate.

 Twenty garden nodes around the downtown square and up Main Street to the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center have spaces available for art work placement and will be assigned as entrants sign up and are approved.

This year the FAA will be providing precut wooden pieces in the shape of eyeglasses thanks to Rob Mitchell at FHS and his industrial arts students.

There will be four shaped eyeglass designs to choose from at the FAA Studio,

 Cat Eye,



and Round.

Any material can be used to decorate or embellish our shaped wood piece. Use of recycled, found, used, and Fairfield related items are encouraged, but most of all being creative, using good taste and making sure all materials are weather proof, of sturdy construction and safe to handle.

All completed work must be designed to work with our simple pole installation plans which are provided in our overall guidelines.

Registration is for


has begun

Click on the following for

Summer 2021 Art Installation Registration

PLEASE let SUZAN know if you are interested now – I will take names as they come in. Pickup of guidelines and wooden design piece  at the FAA Studio in FACC, open Monday – Friday from 12 Noon – 4:30 PM or email suzan1252@aol.com  for other pick up arrangement time.

Direct questions to Suzan Kessel   suzan1252@aol.com    or 641-919-2121



Measurements include all embellishments extending in any direction, above, and around the sides of the wood piece: maximum 6 inches in any direction. You may cut off some of your wood, but must retain basic shape.  Back side will be visible and needs to be finished to compliment the front side. Work should be balanced for stability and care given to not get too heavy on the ends so bridge will support the structure when installed.


Subject matter must be in good community taste. Art work must be safe to handle – no sharp edges or hazardous materials.  Finished art pieces become the property of the FAA.

FAA reserves the right to reject a creation for inferior craftsmanship or quality to withstand weather.

Questions can be directed to the FAA Board, or contact Suzan Kessel, email suzan1252@aol.com or call 641- 472-5374.

This year’s project is made possible by the FHS Industrial Arts class and instructor.


Artwork must be completed and turned in to the FAA Studio between June 1-3, to be installed prior to June 4. If the piece is awkward to transport & handle, it can be delivered to installation site. Installing yourself is encouraged when possible.