Summer Downtown Fairfield Art Installation

Fairfield Art Association’s 2023 summer art installation “SHOES” will be created by artists & fine craftsman,
and placed in 18 different downtown garden nodes for public viewing & enjoyment. The project will enhance Fairfield
tourism and promote local artists. This Exhibit will open on the June 2, First Fridays Event, and remain on display through the summer. A Silent Auction of the “2023 Entries” will begin on August 4 and conclude at the September Art Walk.
Proceeds will be divided equally between the participant and the FAA.

PARTICIPATION: Individual adult artists and fine crafts persons, or creative groups, are invited to participate. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING – we only have 18 spaces available, and it is first come.

MATERIALS: All types of shoes/boots can be used, old or new, mens or womens. The FAA might have a few available and will let you know. Shoes can be taken apart, used whole, stacked, hooked together securely to form a sculpture up to a maximum height and width of 24”. You can use any material to decorate or embellish, use of recycled, found materials and Fairfield related items are encouraged. You can paint by hand, or spray paint- be sure to use a paint that adheres to shoes & will not wash off. Any glue used must be weather proof. (Hot glue does NOT work) Nails/screws & heavy duty staples allowed. All materials must be weatherproof and construction sturdy. A protective clear coating should be used when finished to protect from weather.