Membership is important to the FAA and helps provide many artistic opportunities for our community Рclasses, exhibits, programs and some great events.  Donations and memorials are also appreciated.


  • Lower class fees & preferred status if class is limited
  • Participation in¬†annual Membership Exhibit in Main Gallery of FA&CC
  • FREE use of FAA’s new mat cutter in our studio
  • Receive FAA Newsletter and /or postcards¬†announcing activities
  • Sales Gallery privileges to sell your work
  • On-line Art Sales for artists
  • Volunteer opportunities


PATRON $250.00
BUSINESS $100.00
FRIEND $50.00
FAMILY $35.00
K – 12 STUDENT $15.00



~ MEMBERS in 2016 ~

* = Charter Member since 1966     AA = Active Artist joining in another category    Board Members Underlined



Pat & Barbara McMahon


Christopher Bennett

Eugene Copeland

Werner Elmker

Chuck & Jan Espy

Alex & Christie Kessel



Bob’s Automotive

Linda Dearborn AA

Gamrath Doyle & Deb Doyle

Dr. Michael Griener

Iowa State Bank

Patrick & Suzan Kessel AA

Libertyville Savings Bank

Carroll Michalek AA

*Dr. Larry & Janet Nash

Oakwood Nursery

Pilot Grove Bank

Barry & Kate Ross AA



Nan Adam AA

Catherine Berude AA

*Gary & Nan Cameron

Mike & Sue Carr

Cindy’s Artbeat AA

Sally Denney

Randy Dillon

*Robert Glocke

Dave & Nancy Huebner

*Edith Jordan

Terry Klein

Cathryn Layer AA

Rustin & Lindsay Lippincott

Rosemary Lucente AA

Gene & Joneane Parker

Robert & Martha Rasmusson

Gary Roth & Marj Evans

*Mark & Susan Shafer AA

Dick & Judy Smith

Francis & Susan Thicke AA

Rick & Sue Thompson

*Robert Tree



Doug & Mary Arnold

Bob  & Jan Bork AA

Dr. Terry & Sarah Cochran

Leon & Linda Connelly

James & Deb DeArmon AA

Keith & Sandy Dimmitt AA

Chuck & Terri Drobny AA

Dave & Sylvia Fredericks

Marty & Julie Gleason

Myron & Ann Gookin

Curt & Diane Hanson

Brett & Bonnie Hendricks AA

Drs. Michael & Theresa Holt

Staci & David Kraemer AA

*Don & Lois Kremer AA

Jerry & Sue Long

David & Sheri Neff

Rod & Bev Nelson

Cynthia & John Preston AA

Dave & Diane Reiff

Jeff & Peggy Small

Mark & Cris Soth AA

Chad & Madeline Starling AA

Bill & Janet Teeple AA



Carlene Atwater  AA

*Dorothy Bell

Connie Boyer

Diane Dallner AA

*Caroline Dickey

Martha Flinspach

Mary P. Gagnon

Sue Gail

Jean Greco

Karin Hauring

Patricia Hurst AA

Tammy Jones

Christopher Kufner AA

Sigrid Moore

Teresa Mottet

Edith Perry

Jane Rowe

Ken Rowe AA

Annette Scienszinski AA

Gay Soupiset

Kathleen Siemsen

Linda Stallone

Kathy Tollenaere AA



Catherine Aalto

Kathleen Almelien

Christal Arthur

Janna Joy Ayers

Deb Baughman

Margaret Anne Bodie

Winifred Boggs

Susan Bomzer

Ann Bosold

Makenzie Champ

Kasie Clemmons

Care Connet

Dan Davis

Elaine Duncan

Darlyne Engelman

Deb Finney

Victoria Gautherat

BJ Grimmer

Patty Hancock

Karen Harris

Eileen Hawthorne

Alleen Hedge

Phil Hirschler

Anna Kaneva

Jessica Kirby-Runge

Pamela Kohl

Gin Lammert

Pamela Lander

Dori Lewman

Barbara Madson

Susan Marcus

Michele McKee

Irene Murphy

Hans Eric Olson

Laurel Lee Osborne

Reny Parker

David Pattison

Wendy Read

Dorothy Rompalske

Ingrid Saterstom

Jeri Schatz

Joyce Schlindler

John Schirmer

Martha Sperry

Kathleen Tachet

Kella J. Tschopp

Richard Trice

Laura Weinberg

Francesca Williams

Roseline Woods

JoAnne Worley



Laura Kauffman



Benefactor $500          Patron $250

Business $100             Friend $50

Family $35                   Individual $25

Active Artist $20        Student K-12 $15


Active Artists can join in any category to help support the FAA.

Membership is Tax Deductible.

Membership is from January ‚ÄďDecember.