“SEE THE MUSIC – Tune into Our Vibe”

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Summer 2017 Downtown Art Installation

SEE THE MUSIC Tune in to Our Vibe

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video and photographs produced by Werner Elmker Audio-Visual Studio • elmker.com

Susan Thicke 2017_Peace of Music


 This Exhibit opened for the June 2 First Friday Art Walk and will remain on display through the summer.

The public will vote for the “Most Totally Tuned In Art Piece” in July.

A Silent Auction of the displayed works will begin at the August Art Walk and conclude at the September Art Walk, with Proceeds divided between the participant and the FAA.  


Pictured right is “Peace of Music” by Susan Noll Thicke,

with technical assistance by musician Francis Thicke.

This art piece is made from a snare drum,

cymbal, fife,

drum sticks, tuba mouth piece,

baritone mouth piece, trumpet mouth piece, copper sheet and metal dove ornament.


Seven Art Installations

in the garden nodes of



062V5840 See the Music Art Installations_PIANO&HANDS

featuring works by artists:
Pamela Lander, Susan Noll Thicke,
JCHC’s Kevin Heisel & Kierston Pacha & Wanda Bagby,
Dori Lewman, David Pattison, Suzan Bates Kessel, Rolf Erickson

Pamela Lander created “A Wind Instrument”  out of plastic, nylon line and tin, Susan Noll Thicke (with technical assistance by Francis) has used a variety of musical instruments for her “Peace of Music”,  the Jefferson County Health Center team of Kevin Hisel, Kierston Pacha and Wanda Bagby went all out making a miniature Baby Grand Piano complete with a Liberace theme, Suzan Bates Kessel has used a donated clarinet to build a tribute to Ron Prill and naming it “I guess that’s why they call it the blues”, both Dori Lewman and David Pattison each created their own painted musical theme tall obelisks, and Rolf Erickson is using a guitar in an unusual presentation format. 

This year’s project is sponsored in part by a Fairfield CVB grant.    fairfield visitors&convention logo